Bitcoin price continues to fall, at this time USD 9,600

Posted July 24, 2019

Bitcoin price decreases fast after having reached its local maximum at 13,000 USD two months ago and seems to continue lowering its value at the time of writing this news. Cryptocurrency users have divided opinions about the event, one part see it as an opportunity to acquire more bitcoins, with the hope that the effect will be reversed and the price will continue to rise in the future, and others who believe that the bubble exploded and the price will fall to less than 5,000 USD at some time nearby.

Low Btc Price

We see the effect of the high volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are used by many users as a means of investment, but the issue of being an effective payment method, has its reserves. However, global acceptance seems to increase and global knowledge about cryptocurrencies increases, regardless of people's positive or negative opinion.

In the coming days we will know if the price of Bitcoin is recovering or if it will continue with a downward trend, however, the decisive factor of the price sometimes is not important for new users in the ecosystems, due its usability and its distribution among society.

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