Bitcoin price increases to 11,700 USD

Published in June 25, 2019

Currently Bitcoin has increased its price again and has reached the price of 11,700 USD, price that was reached for last time in February 2018. Price that mantains users in suspense, trusting that the price of Bitcoin continues to rise.

Although Bitcoin is still a risky investment, users are not worried about their investments in bitcoin despite the fact that last year, there was a big price loss after December 2017. However, there are experts in the field who trust that the increase will continue for a while.

There are many factors that influence the price of cryptocurrencies prices, we can mention the global economic instability, product of the trade war between China and United States, a factor that seems to benefit the cryptocurrencies market directly. Another factor is that the use of Bitcoin increases among users, so that more and more people are adopting bitcoin as a form of payment and as a form of investment.


And the other cryptocurrencies?

They are also experiencing a favorable price increase, pushed by bitcoin. Although the price of these vs the bitcoin seems to decrease, if we compare them with the Fiat markets, we can see that they actually increase their value, although in a more decelerated way than their big brother, Bitcoin.

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