Bitcoin recovers its price over 13,000 USD again

Bitcoin recovers its price over 13,000 USD again

After almost two weeks of uncertainty about the price of Bitcoin, the price recovers and now is 13K USD again, with a trend that goes from bullish to stable. Remembering that Bitcoin, as well as cryptocurrencies not listed as stablecoins are assets with high volatility, and their price can not be predicted in the next days, it all depends on the price of the orders on the exchanges.

Even though there are some experts who have predicted increases ranging from 20K USD to 100K USD at the end of the year, it is matter of speculation, due the Bitcoin price patterns in recent years have been irregular, so that prices can not be predicted, even when the trend is bullish, that does not mean that it always is, even more, passing the first months of 2018 the price fell more than 300% from its highest value.

However, users continues investing in cryptocurrencies, and apparently the annual behavior has a certain pattern, not yet defined, showing an increase in the price on holiday dates, which is possible due the people in these dates are more accessible to buy and exchange their virtual assets by investment reasons, but this is not a definite theory.

How could one objectively say that Bitcoin is going up?

We can say it in terms of volume. The volume of Bitcoin is increasing, this is due not only to the amount of Bitcoins in circulation, but also because more transactions are being made and it has become as a form of payment in some countries. But we can not talk about the price in the same way, that even when it has recovered its value (at least partially) from its historical maximum, it does not follow the same trend as the volume.

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