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Tuesday, July 30th of 2019

Bitcoin, accepted as a form of payment on bus tickets in Brazil

In Fortaleza, city of Brazil, it is now possible to buy bus tickets using bitcoins with Cootraps. The transport service says that paying with Bitcoin will reduce operating costs, since users will be able to access the payment method on the platform through their cell phones by scanning a QR code to obtain the transaction address.

Bitcoin Bus

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Wednesday, July 24th of 2019

Bitcoin price continues to fall, at this time USD 9,600

Bitcoin price decreases fast after having reached its local maximum at 13,000 USD two months ago and seems to continue lowering its value at the time of writing this news. Cryptocurrency users have divided opinions about the event, one part see it as an opportunity to acquire more bitcoins, with the hope that the effect will be reversed and the price will continue to rise in the future, and others who believe that the bubble exploded and the price will fall to less than 5,000 USD at some time nearby.

Low Btc Price

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Monday, July 22nd of 2019

User of Silk Road captured trying to launder 19 millions in bitcoin

On July 18, a man was arrested for trying to launder $19 million in bitcoins obtained from the darknet Silk Road. Hugh Haney faces a charge for money laundering and another charges for participating in a transaction using illegally earned profits. If he is found guilty, he could face up to 30 years behind bars.

Ban Silk Road site

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Friday, July 19th of 2019

India rejects cryptocurrencies ban

Indian Finance Minister Rayja Sabha has indicated to the Parliament of India his stance against the ban on bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies through a letter that clarifies rumors that have spread about the possible prohibition of cryptocurrencies in the asian country.

Btc Loves India

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Wednesday, July 17th of 2019

Best Trading Pairs for Cryptocurrencies on 2019

According to many users of classic exchanges and the website Coinmarketcap, some of best trading pairs of cryptocurrencies on 2019 are the following: (Information from May 2019)

Best Trading pairs 2019

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Wednesday, July 10th of 2019

Bitcoin recovers its price over 13,000 USD again

After almost two weeks of uncertainty about the price of Bitcoin, the price recovers and now is 13K USD again, with a trend that goes from bullish to stable. Remembering that Bitcoin, as well as cryptocurrencies not listed as stablecoins are assets with high volatility, and their price can not be predicted in the next days, it all depends on the price of the orders on the exchanges.

Even though there are some experts who have predicted increases ranging from 20K USD to 100K USD at the end of the year, it is matter of speculation, due the Bitcoin price patterns in recent years have been irregular, so that prices can not be predicted, even when the trend is bullish, that does not mean that it always is, even more, passing the first months of 2018 the price fell more than 300% from its highest value.

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Monday, July 8th of 2019

Are cryptocurrencies assets or currencies?

The original concept proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto is that Bitcoin is a new model of P2P (peer to peer) payment, where the users connect directly without the need of a centralized entity or bank to do the transactions, and the use of cryptography as a way to guarantee the veracity and security of the transaction. The concept was expanded to the acceptance of people and has worked as a novel model of electronic payments, without the need for cash and preserving the privacy of those who make transactions.

Dolar Sign

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Friday, July 5th of 2019

Bitcoin network consumes more electricity than all Kuwait

Bitcoin network is an enemy of electricity consumption and its effects are beginning to be seen worldwide. Currently, the global consumption of the Bitcoin network is 60.45 TWh, information taken by real time of the University of Cambridge. Consumption that exceeds the total consumption of all Switzerland and Kuwait individually.

Btc Electricity Consumption

Source: https://www.cbeci.org/comparisons/

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Wednesday, July 3rd of 2019

Bitcoin fights with altcoins

Lately there has been clear competition for prices between Bitcoin and the main altcoins. It is expected one of two scenarios: that the price of Bitcoin rises and the price of the altcoins goes down or vice versa, however the moments of coexistence in which the prices of all cryptocurrencies rise or fall alike seem to have ended, at least for now.


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Monday, July 1st of 2019

Bitcoin and Ethereum, are they really brothers?

With the rise of virtual assets, users trades their cryptocurrencies between them in an indistinguished way, however, deep down there is much to talk about. Being the Bitcoin the first developed cryptocurrency and the Ether the second most used cryptocurrency, it is worth making an analysis of the operation of both.


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Thursday, June 27th of 2019

Is it profitable to mine Bitcoins lately?

Since its inception, mining bitcoins has brought great profits throughout the world. It is an easy way to acquire bitcoins, because the miner, is a hardware that works 24 hours and even while you sleep it generate profits. So many of the early bitcoin users made their fortunes by that form, so that in places like China several millionaires have been made due to this activity, to the extent that they have created mining farms full of mining hardware

Due to the increased competition in the mining, the reduction of the prize to find a block was reduced from 50 bitcoins (initial amount), then 25 bitcoins up to now 12.5 bitcoins and in the future 6.25 bitcoins, reward that is reduced every 210,000 blocks mined. So even when the price of bitcoin continues (and will continue to rise) as the population adopts it, the activity becomes less and less profitable, at the same time that the difficulty of mining increases and more and more powerful hardware equipment is required.


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Wednesday, June 26th of 2019

Bitcoin Price makes markets tremble

After a continuous price increase of Bitcoin to reach more than 13,000 USD, around 16:10, Central Time of Mexico, the price of Bitcoin was drastically reduced to 11,900 USD. At the time of writing, the price is still wobbling, which has alerted many users of the exchanges to trade bitcoins with other cryptocurrencies, however, the price trend of Bitcoin seems to be stable, unless the next few hours it continues to down.

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Tuesday, June 25th of 2019

Bitcoin price increases to 11,700 USD

Currently Bitcoin has increased its price again and has reached the price of 11,700 USD, price that was reached for last time in February 2018. Price that mantains users in suspense, trusting that the price of Bitcoin continues to rise.

Although Bitcoin is still a risky investment, users are not worried about their investments in bitcoin despite the fact that last year, there was a big price loss after December 2017. However, there are experts in the field who trust that the increase will continue for a while.


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Saturday, June 22nd of 2019

MyTakin, new Exchange of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

One of the great challenges of today is to find an Exchange in Mexico that allows you to buy Bitcoins from the comfort of your personal computer, and especially by Paypal's policies regarding intangible purchases, especially Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

MyTakin, Exchange of Cryptocurrency founded in 2018 in Mexico, allows its users to purchase Bitcoins with credit and debit cards, as well as the exchange between these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Viacoin. Activity known as trading, which is becoming increasingly popular among the population of Mexico, a leading country in Fintech technologies in Latin America.

There are other places where you can buy bitcoins with a credit card such as VirWox and Coinmama, however for the currency Peso Mexicano (MXN) MyTakin is a viable option to acquire Bitcoins with a credit card.

MyTakin, your ally in Cryptocurrencies


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